“A work of disarming simplicity that is witness to the artist’s heightened sensitivity to the beauty found in nature’s details. Simplicity surely, but which is affected by paradoxical complexity in the mindful elaboration of the balanced and strongly built composition that skillfully guides the eye to travel throughout the generous elements of the whole. A remarkable work, noticed for its sensible originality, its appealing harmony, and for the fact that it highly distinguishes itself in the exhibition, through its surprising proximity with abstraction.” Sylvie Coutu - Art Critic (April 2017)

" The giant flowers in Lise Cree's paintings have a touch of Georgia O'Keefe in them, but unlike the American artist, Cree takes a poetic spin on her chosen subject, imbuing her floral portraits with lyrical narrative. Evoking sensations as much as visual pleasure, her acrylic works carry titles like Pink Heart and Bluebird, suggesting another way of viewing the shimmering, fragile bundles of petals and light. "
Dorota KOZINSKA - Art critic, June 2003

" To pull the blinds of habit from our eyes and to look at the world for the very first time without any devices… Amore! "
Nazz & Tommaso - Estetica

" One can - it is said - read a life from a face, and from the canvas, the soul? Yours is beautiful, dear Lise. "
Mira Cree - Radio-Canada

" I am very proud to see that the spectator has become the actress. Now, the artist that I am, becomes the admirer of an accomplished floral art. Bravo and may the passion continue! "
Jean-Louis Mireault -Artiste peintre

" Your great talent, your sensitivity and your know-how have brought a breeze of sweetness to all those who came to admire your work. Looking forward to next time when your new creations will charm us and move us again. "
Colette Richelieu - Galerie d'art Richelieu

" Magnificent works of colour and beauty! "
Patrice (Nov. 2002)

" To capture life and to re-create it with the stroke of a brush is a gift from heaven… you enchant eyes and hearts! "
Gaston Chouinard

" A breath of fresh air! "
Viviane B. Daoust

" Flowers show their beauty …The flowers of Ms Cree uncover the beauty of nature and pay her tribute, thanks to the mastery of form and color of the artist. These flowers have body and soul and will surely outlive many springtimes. "
Monique Laberge

" What a pleasure to see so much of your work at once! "
Jim Palmer, dir. - The Arts Club

" Paintings that epitomize gentleness combined to a joy of living that magnifies all the beauty of life."
M. et Mme G. Vendette

" How good it is to contemplate your paintings… The harmony and joy that emanate from them are comforting in a time of sorrow and darkness. A renewed approach which gives a taste for life. "
Marie Perreault

" A gift from heaven… Long life to the artist and to beauties of the soul. "
Annie Caron

" Bravo Lise… we recognize in your paintings, your gentleness and your poetry! "
Hon. G. Rouleau

" Your paintings foster dreams and reverie… "
M. Toussi

" Congratulations! A real treat! "
Robert Lajoie

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